Feature Listing


Available to companies in our franchised areas, the Feature Listing is ideal for a medium to large company that are not looking for a full stand-alone website. A great option for local branches of national companies that need to comply with corporate guidelines. Easy to update and marketed on your local ShowMe®.


What’s in the monthly fee? ShowMe® is more than just a directory. Your listing is showcased so you piggy-back on the traffic generated by our premium content. Benefit from no hosting fees, and technical support.


1 Page, 8 Tab Listing

8 tabs include a Special Offers tab, a Contact Details tab and 6 tabs for other content. Your own branding within a ShowMe® Community Website.


Includes tier 2 Marketing on your local ShowMe® community website.

Design & Origination

Includes one set of rotating banners or static header banners. Setup of up to 8 tabs (6 free format & two fixed format) – Text/photos to be supplied.

Mobile Friendly

Your customers can find you on Apple, Android and certain Blackberry devices.

Extensive Toolbox

Easily make changes to your Feature Listing with an Extensive Editing Toolbox. Read more about your toolbox below.

Social Widgets

Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor and Nightsbridge.


Easy inline editing to easily change images and text. The online ShowMe crop tool is also available.

Use up to 10 galleries with up to 30 images per gallery. Display each gallery as clickable thumbnails or a landscape slideshow.

Set your theme colour and text colours to match your corporate identity.

Apply a template that best accommodates the content on each free format tab of your listing – 11 templates available.

Use up to 30 books with up to 30 articles per book – Insert a link, upload a PDF, or simply type up your article.

Easily embed videos from Youtube or Vimeo right in your own listing.

Enhance your listing with rapidly changing content from other websites that provide the RSS feature.


Select from the available ADD-ON's to make your Feature Listing what you need

Vehicle Catalogue - R50pm

Add up to 50 vehicles and sort by make, model, year, mileage, colour, price etc. Includes marketing on your local ShowMe Vehicles Sales landing page.

Product Catalogue - R50pm

Arrange up to 50 products in catalogues with up to 5 images per product and product details.

Property Showcase - R50pm

Estate agents and rental companies can show their best 50 properties on their ShowMeSite and local ShowMe Community Website.